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Skrill provides a level of player protection and security like no other. They have been the most used payment method in the industry for a reason. It is an easy to use ewallet service that is being used by millions of players worldwide. I know for a fact that you can find many casinos that support the Skrill payment method.

I find it important to make sure you can use a payment method which you feel comfortable with. That is one of the main reasons why I made a review of Skrill. Make sure to look into it and see if it fits your playstyle!


What is Skrill

Skrill is a British internet service provider who offers a method to securely transfer money with an e-mail account. In the past, Skrill has been the top payment choice for years. You can say it is a popular and well developed ewallet which has proven itself over the time. The payment method can be connected to your smartphone, which makes it possible to deposit and withdrawal money using a mobile device.

What really stands out when using Skrill is the ease to use it. The only thing you have to do to make an account is create it, fund it, and you will be able to transfer your money securely to an online casino. You can start playing your favorite casino games that quick! Since Skrill is such a popular payment method, large amount of casinos offer this amazing payment method. In the end, isn’t that all we are looking for: a fun casino with safe payment methods. Skrill supports this statement in every way.

Get your Skrill account now!

Within a few minutes you can have your own Skrill account. When that is available you can enjoy all of the slot machines and table games at big casinos who support the Skrill payment method. With your own account you can transfer funds easily and you will have all the control over your account. With Skrill you can count on a safe way to play the best real money games online.

Pros and cons

I’ve listed some pros and cons for you to consider.


Good security

Smartphone app available

Fast deposits

Usable at many casinos


Withdrawal fees can sometimes be high

Fees for unused accounts

Not usable in every country

Need ID to open account

Other payment methods

Even though Skrill is a well known payment method, it is possible that you would rather use a different payment method. Since you already know me, you know that I have compared a lot of other possibilities for you. Make sure to read about other payment methods as well. This way you can choose which one fits you most.

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