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Mastercard credit cards is an internationally accepted credit card. The purchases made are standard insured from 180 to 360 days. You can easily deposit or withdraw money. Applying for a MasterCard is also done quickly, you can have a MasterCard within 14 days. This is a reliable method of making a deposit to your online casino account. Of course, it is also possible to pay out on a MasterCard easily.

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What is Mastercard?

The Mastercard is a globally accepted credit card that players can use to deposit funds into the player’s account at the online casino. Virtually all online casinos that accept credit cards offer Mastercard as a payment method. When you choose to pay with Mastercard at an online casino, you can be sure that the payment is secure. The ICS (International Card Services) continuously monitors all payments and contacts the Mastercard cardholder in case of a suspicious transaction.

Easy deposit and withdrawal

The deposit you make is often processed immediately. First, some data is checked and it is checked if there is still enough credit on the credit card. The money is then quickly available and you can take a gamble at the online casino immediately after the Mastercard payment. Did you win money at online roulette, blackjack or a fruit machine? You are able to easily and directly payout via Mastercard.

Please note that there are costs involved. In order to use a Mastercard credit card, an annual fee must be paid. The amount of this fee depends on the chosen credit card. The cheapest (Mastercard Classic) will cost you €20 per year.

Pros and cons

I’ve listed some pros and cons for you to consider.


Large bonuses for Mastercard deposits

Widely accepted

High level of security

Instant deposits



May not be available to US customers/players

Not all online casinos accept Mastercard withdrawals

Withdrawals take several days to clear

Other payment methods

Even though Mastercard is a popular and widely accepted payment provider, it’s possible that you’d rather use a different payment method. Luckily for you, I’ve compared a lot of other possibilities for you. Feel free to read about other payment methods as well, so you can choose which one fits the most to your needs.

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